“Highlights” Holiday Cover hits newsstands…

My cover illustration, complete with hidden objects will begin hitting the newsstands this week. This was a fun project and I am excited for the release of the printed magazine. šŸ˜‰



Illustrating a new picture book…

One of the books currently on the illustration schedule…


This Month’s Book Project…

Here is the current book illustration project I am working on. “Gypsy” – Written by India Blake. Ā It is a story about a shelter dog’s trials and tribulations, and itĀ takes place in the Florida Keys.


This book should be complete by mid-April this year. Keep watching my blog for the next two book illustration projects scheduled for April-May.

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Lorraine Dey


The current book project…

Here is the book illustration project I am currently working on…

Illustrations by Lorraine Dey, www.deystudio.com
Illustrations by Lorraine Dey, http://www.deystudio.com

Ordering Children’s Books for the Holidays…

Many people have asked how they can order some of my books. I have set up a simple solution.

Now there is a webpage featuring all of my illustrated children’s books and an easy PayPal shopping cart.

Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy your Holidays!! šŸ™‚



Lorraine Dey


Happy Authors make Happy Illustrators :)

Another deadline met, another happy author. šŸ™‚


Lorraine Dey



An illustration from the book I am completing today…

Here is an illustration from “The Christmas Berry” written by Canadian AuthorĀ Lisa Young and illustrated by Lorraine Dey


On to the next book. Keep watching for images I will post from theĀ “Acres Verdes” collection.

Lorraine Dey