Illustrating a new picture book…

One of the books currently on the illustration schedule…


This Month’s Book Project…

Here is the current book illustration project I am working on. “Gypsy” – Written by India Blake.  It is a story about a shelter dog’s trials and tribulations, and it takes place in the Florida Keys.


This book should be complete by mid-April this year. Keep watching my blog for the next two book illustration projects scheduled for April-May.

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Lorraine Dey

The current book project…

Here is the book illustration project I am currently working on…

Illustrations by Lorraine Dey,
Illustrations by Lorraine Dey,

Happy Authors make Happy Illustrators :)

Another deadline met, another happy author. 🙂


Lorraine Dey


Another book project I’m working on…

Here is a sneak peek at another book project that is currently in the works with Canadian Author Lisa Young. Scheduled to be published this November.


“The Christmas Berry” written by Lisa Young and illustrated by Lorraine Dey


IF: “Popularity”

For my “Illustration Friday” entry this week, from my new book “The Rain Forest Party” to be released in May 2012.

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Illustration Friday – Twirl

This week’s entry for IF is a book cover I did a few years ago. Thought I’d dust it off for the subject of “Twirl”.

By Lorraine Dey